• Faculty of Chemistry AMU
    Faculty of Chemistry AMU

    The Faculty of Chemistry is one of the fifteen faculties of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

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the science that deals with the composition and structure properties of substances at various forms of matter. (Encyclopedia Britannica)


Our mission is to be a internationally-recognized model for chemical research and education that is to provide an excellent education in chemistry within a liberal arts tradition for a variety of learners to help understand that chemistry is a way of thinking about how matter is constructed, organized, and functions and to provide our faculty with career and research opportunities for their scholarly development. The Faculty of Chemistry is one of the leading chemistry faculties in Poland. The faculty members are engaged in teaching and research in almost all fields of modern chemistry, including implementation of innovative results in practice. The Faculty offers several types of educational programmes structured in accordance with the Bologna process: 3-year bachelor degree studies bachelor, 2-year master degree studies and 4-year doctoral studies. The Faculty also offers several one-year postgraduate courses directed mainly at high school teachers. The average total enrolment over the last several years reached over 1000 students.

The Faculty of Chemistry is one of the fifteen faculties of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Student enrolment in the academic year 2011-2012)

  • BSc Programs: 806
  • MSc Programs: 281
  • Ph.D. candidates: 131

Academic staff:

  • Full professors (ordinarius): 30
  • Professors and tenured doctors (doctor habilitatus): 67
  • Doctors: 89

Website: http://chemia.amu.edu.pl/en


Iwona Gulaczyk, Ph.D.
Phone: +48 61 829 1595
e-mail: gulai@amu.edu.pl



Faculty of Chemistry
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
ul. Umultowska 89b, 61-614 Poznań

Phone: +48 61 829 1553
Fax: +48 61 829 1555

Faculty website: http://www.chemia.amu.edu.pl